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Propane Tank Installation

M & G Propane is a full service propane company that not only delivers propane to residential homes, but can install any size propane take as well. M & G Propane has been installing tanks for its customers for years. We have a deserved reputation for quality installations performed by courteous and trained professionals. Our experienced propane service and installation experts have installed several thousand propane tanks across Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia. We will install your tank in a timely and safe manner in compliance with all local, state and federal codes. A properly installed propane system can provide decades of safe and reliable storage for your residential home energy needs. Our staff will help you choose a proper location and tank size and answer any questions you may have.

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Tank Location

Proper tank location can be impacted by a number of factors. Considerations include code requirements, property lines, location of buildings and structures, distance from driveway for refilling, contour of the property, water drainage and ease of set or pick up. M & G Propane experienced propane installation experts can assist in determining the right location for you.

Tank Size

We are able to size propane tanks according to individual and specific purposes. Proper tank size is also determined by a number of factors. Considerations include size and insulation of house, type and number of propane appliances, wind exposure, family size and make-up and ease of delivery. At M&G Propane all tanks from 5lb to any size home tanks are available.

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