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Propane Tank Covers

Many homes all across Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia have an above ground propane tank that supplies their home with heat, a cooking source, and fuel for other appliances. People build or buy beautiful homes that come with stoves, water heaters, heating systems, and radiant floors. All these appliances are powered by propane and that means having an unsightly propane tank in the front, side or back yard that they have to look at each day. These tanks are large and rust easily, further lending to their unattractive appearance. That’s why M & G Propane now carries Propane Tank Covers.

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Benefits of Propane Tank Covers

Protect your propane tank and save money at the same time.

  • No more unsightly propane tanks!
  • No need for camouflage landscaping!
  • No more building “hideaway” fences!
  • No more crushed “pigtails” from heavy snow loads!
  • No more frozen regulators!
  • No more propane loss on hot days!
  • No more rusty, faded tanks that need upkeep and painting!

Facts on Propane Tank Covers

  • Proudly made in the USA
  • No more rust, faded tanks that need upkeep & painting
  • Fast, easy to install
  • Air flow vents ensure proper ventilation
  • No fade UV protection
  • Protects against freezing & snow build up

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